Zelenskyy praises Kherson’s resilience- but warns Russian soldiers in 2022

Zelenskyy praises Kherson’s resilience Ukraine’s president has praised his people’s resilience as parts of the Kherson region were liberated from Russian occupation – and he delivered a warning to Russian soldiers left behind.

Special military units were in the region’s capital – also called Kherson – late on Friday night, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nightly address, adding: “The people of Kherson were waiting.

“Hope for Ukraine is always justified – and Ukraine always regains its own.

Zelenskyy praises Kherson’s resilience

“I am happy to see how people, despite all the threats, despite the repression and abuse of the occupiers, cherished the Ukrainian flags, believed in Ukraine…

“And even when the city is not yet completely cleansed of the enemy’s presence, the people of Kherson themselves are already removing Russian symbols and any traces of the occupiers’ stay in Kherson from the streets and buildings.”

His warning for Russian “soldiers, mercenaries and collaborators” who were left behind in Kherson and other liberated southern cities was: “The only chance for salvation is for you to surrender to Ukrainian captivity.

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